Dr. Brian McNeill and Kathryn McKenzie 25th wedding anniversary

On January 31, 2014, SASMM members Dr. Brian McNeill and Kathryn McKenzie renewed their wedding vows for their 25th wedding anniversary. The services were held at the Evangelical Lutheran Church on East Church Street in downtown Frederick. Presiding over the ceremony was the Reverend Terri Driver-Bishop. Kathryn was escorted down the aisle to the music of bagpiper Scott Cameron. The couple exchanged vows and rings and a very loving kiss. After the service, the couple along with Scott & Dana Cameron and friend/photographer Marjorie Lewis enjoyed a delightful afternoon enjoying friends and conversation at Acacia Restaurant in town.

A cool dude in shades and a kilt, escorting his hot wife to get eats!


left to right top row: Dana Cameron, Brian McNeill, Kathryn McKenzie, Scott Cameron
bottom: Marjorie Lewis and Rev. Terri Driver-Bishop


The Happy Couple!


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