Dorothy Jean Petrie Penders Spirit of Scotland Award


The Dorothy Jean Petrie Penders
Spirit of Scotland Award

The Society established the “The Dorothy Jean Petrie Penders Spirit of Scotland Award” in 2015 in honor of Mrs. Penders. Known to many as “Dundee Dorothy,” Mrs. Penders embodies the “Spirit of Scotland.” With roots in Dundee, Scotland and family here in the Unites States, Dorothy truly embodies the Spirit of Scotland so many of us celebrate today. A Founding Member of our Society, long-time Scottish Country Dancer, the force behind our Burns Nicht Supper, and leader of festival volunteers, are only a few of Dorothy’s enduring contributions to furthering Scottish heritage and culture.

This honor is awarded to an individual whose contributions in education, culture, and other achievements promote the heritage of Scotland.


2018 Recipient Ralph Wallace

Ralph L. Wallace

For too many to count years Ralph has been an avid and enthusiastic supporter of all things Scottish; he celebrates Scottish life and culture every day—a true Scotsman. He is a wonderful Ambassador and brings folks together to enjoy what it means to be Scottish (or a Scottish wanna-to-be): from ceilidh dancing to wee drams to folklore and songs, and more. He shares his extensive knowledge of history, whisky, and Scottish ways and customs. Ralph’s enthusiasm is contagious—one cannot help wanting to be a Scotsman, don a kilt, and get involved in a Scottish society or event.

As a member of Clan Wallace, Ralph has long served his Clan in various leadership positions. The Wallace Clan tent is ever-present at Maryland and Virginia festivals and games and Ralph can be seen recruiting fellow Clansmen and demonstrating the Claymore to children of all ages. Cries of “Freedom”—reminiscent of William Wallace as well as the movie Braveheart can sometimes be heard as Ralph explains Clan Wallace and Scottish history.

Ralph is a member of several St. Andrew’s Societies, including ours, and has been a staunch supporter of many of our events; in particular our Burns Supper and our Celtic Festival. He has been instrumental in such innovations as the first Wounded Warrior division in the Highland games run by Mid-Atlantic Scottish Athletics (MASA) and the inaugural SASMM Patron Package for our festival. Ralph stepped up to Co-Chair the 2016 festival when the festival was in need of leadership. He designed the festival logo based on our Armorial Bearings to reflect our new name of “Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival.” Lastly, Ralph has been one of the most generous financial Sponsors of our festival for several years.

The Scottish American Military Society (SAMS), one of our partner organizations, has flourished under Ralph’s leadership. Serving as at the ‘local’ level as the Commander, Post 2 “Post of the Potomac;” at the Regional level as the Commander, Mid-Atlantic “Born Fighting;” and at the National level as a Councilor at Large, Ralph has brought recognition and remembrance to Scottish veterans and military service members. Ralph embodies a veteran’s call to duty and the lives by the motto of ‘veterans serving veterans.’

Ralph has been an active participant in Council of Scottish Clans & Associates (COSCA), offering his enthusiasm and experience to help COSCA to expand the US outreach and education efforts. He has also worked to expand education and participation of the Scottish Diaspora (which consists of Scottish people who emigrated from Scotland and their descendants) and the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. He has used his experience to assist Scotland to increase educational outreach to Scottish descendents around the world and increase Scottish tourism, including trip to Scotland.

The influence Ralph has had on celebrating and promoting Scottish life and heritage cannot be measured, but it is felt by many and it is heartfelt.



2017 Recipient David Ricklis

David Ricklis

An exceptional Drum Major who has influenced thousands of pipers and drummers.  His portrait graces numerous Celtic festival program covers, magazines, and websites. He was instrumental in creating the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association on training new drum majors. He has effectively created the standard for the East coast which is respected worldwide. Although retired from the MacMillan Pipe Bands after 50 years of service, David is still actively engaged in many of their events. He has been the Drum Major for our festival for many years and now serves as the Pipe Band Coordinator bringing many new ideas to the festival and the program. He is also active in the Scottish American Military Society and other Scottish groups.




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2016 Recipient Joseph Wiggington

Joe’s contributions to, and leadership within numerous organizations, clearly demonstrate his qualifications for the award.

At the local level, Joe’s vision and leadership have been key to the success of the Society. After serving in a number of leadership roles, he became the president in 2012, facing a shrinking membership, a defunct Festival, and dwindling Society activities.

Joe successfully revitalized the Society by bringing together newly-recruited leadership and the still enthusiastic but overburdened leaders, expanding activities (including a Celtic Night at the Frederick Keys), and successfully increasing membership from less than 80 active members to over 100 members.

In an era where dozens of Highland Games are disappearing each year, Joe’s seemingly tireless efforts and sheer willpower resurrected the defunct Frederick Celtic Festival at a new venue in 2012  and it has grown almost exponentially each year with innovations such as the first Mid-Atlantic Scottish Athletics (MASA) sponsored Wounded Warrior class.

Joe established this very award that he is now receiving, understanding the important of recognizing those individuals, such as himself, who often spend otherwise thankless hours over many years promoting Scottish culture.

At the National level, Joe has been an active participant in Council of Scottish Clans & Associates (COSCA) and in the Association of Scottish Games and Festivals (ASGF) and has long served in various leadership positions in the Armstrong Clan Society, including the role of President.

Finally, at the International level, Joe has worked tirelessly (most recently on a joint COSCA/Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs working group) to expand education and participation of the Scottish Diaspora (which consists of Scottish people who emigrated from Scotland and their descendants) by using his experience in the numerous organization to assist Scotland to increase educational outreach to Scottish descendants around the world and promote Scottish tourism.



2015 augural Recipient Lisa Frazier
An accomplished tenor drummer, Lisa Frazier’s achievements range from being an Eastern United States Pipe Band Association (EUSPBA) champion six years in a row, two of those seasons undefeated, to being the first female EUSPBA judge for the North American Championships.

Lisa has played tenor and bass drums in pipe bands since 1972 and has been the Director of the Rockville High School Pipe Band since 1995. Her dedication to teaching has touched hundreds of students. Lisa has developed a line of tenor drumsticks, recorded an instructional video for beginning tenor drumming, and created unique symbols for tenor drummer’s written music.

Drumming with different Pipe Bands Lisa’s talent has captured those bands prestigious award such first place in Scotland at Bridge of Allen, Perth, and Dunfermline competitions; Best Drum Corps in North America; and second place at the World Championships.

Full policies and procedures available via this pdf: SASMM Dorothy J Penders Award_REVISED_18March2018