SASMM Board Elections 2022 (for 2023)

Individual members may vote only once for each of the nominees.  Voting is on the honor system. All votes need to be in by November 11, 2022.

Jacqueline “Jackie” Parker has been a member of the Society since January 2016 and she has served as the Board’s Membership Director since 2017. At the 2021 AGM she was elected Vice President and then on May 16, 2022 she officially assumed the office of President when the current elected President resigned. She is a reliable and motivated individual with strong organizational and administrative skills. Though of Irish descent she has always displayed a deep-rooted interest in Scotland and her culture. Jackie would like to see the Society continue its mission to encourage and explore Scottish heritage.
Vice President
My husband, Richard and I currently live in College Park, and have been members of the St. Andrew’s Society from 2019. During that time, we helped out at the hospitality room at the Scottish games.I am happily retired, and keep busy with my various arts and craft passions, but as the saying goes “ jack of all, but a master of none”. But I do enjoy the process and it keeps me out of trouble. We are Scottish Country Dancers, and members of the Washington Scottish Country Dance Society of Washington DC, of which I am currently the president of St. Columba’s dance group. Prior to covid, I was the chair for Capital Weekend, the premier social dance weekend for the branch, and have assisted in organizing many of the groups social dances. Another fun group that we belong to is the Old Line Scotch Club that meets monthly to sample a variety of expensive scotches that we could never afford. I look forward to getting more involved with SASMM, and helping with all the different activities that are planned throughout the year and sincerely believe a group cannot thrive without a strong volunteer core.encourage and explore Scottish heritage.
Recording Secretary
When I was growing up my father repeatedly told me that the family was Scottish. Since my father was from faraway Atlanta, GA, that meant little to me. After I grew up, I began reading books - attending courses and discovered that being Scottish might be something special. Naturally, I wanted to learn more. So, I “did one” of the more popular a DNA tests. The test said I was some 30% Scottish. Checked my bothers’ and sister’s DNA test and learn they were even higher (the middle child always gets the short end). After my DNA percentage discovery, I actively pursued learning Scottish history. Even became a Patreon for a YouTube channel called Scottish History Tours. Bruce Fummey, a retired Perth Math and Physics teacher turn standup comic, hosts each episode. Learned a lot about Scotland’s many contributions to the world community. Wasn’t long afterward that I started to pursue (we all need a quest) a fraternal association. I attended my first SASMM Burns Night a couple of years ago. Everyone in the organization, both before and during that supper, was friendly, helpful, and easy to talk with. So, I joined the book club, movie night, Burns Night setup/cleanup, am working on this year’s Hogmanay event, and the current Election Committee. If it sounds like I’m getting committed to our SASMM Chapter, I am. I’m running for Secretary to provide SASMM officer’s and committee heads with whatever support they need to achieve their objectives.
I am Jon Alexander for the position of SASMM Treasurer. I have been a member of SASMM for around 20 years now and have seen intimately how this organization works and how to effectively work within it. I have been involved in one fashion or another with most events the society has offered including the most successful Celtic Festival SASMM ever put on. Throughout my career I have been handling budgets and funds in various aspects. It started in the US Air Force in 1982. During that time I was responsible for all training funds for my unit. For a 20 something year old thousands and thousands of dollars was big money but it was always accounted for appropriately. Once out of the Air Force I worked for Oracle Corporation as a Practice Manager responsible for Cost Center Management. At one point I ran their Treasury Consulting Services Practice. It was a P&L (Profit and Loss) Center, aka Cost Center, that I was responsible for tens of millions of dollars in revenue. I had to account for all revenue, expenses, profits, and losses and report those figures through the management chain to the Senior Vice President of Oracle Consulting. After Oracle, I worked managing cost centers in other small companies and eventually going it on my own as an Independent Database Engineering Consultant. Needless to say my livelihood depended on accurate and ethical accounting practices and interaction with the CPA to get the tax forms filled out properly and in a timely manner. We have made progress working with our Society's contracted CPA but there is still much more work to be done. I look forward to working with him as we progress through any future IRS issues.
Membership Director
As many already know I have no Scottish blood but, being married to a Scotsman I have come to I love all things Scottish even haggis (whisky—not so much). For over a decade I have been an active member of the Society and have had great experiences meeting folks and having fun. I would be honored to continue serving as the Membership Director for SASMM. One of my goals is to continue bringing us together, to recognize our volunteers, and to support our Society and its various programs such as our Cobey England Scholarship. With experience of having served in several different Board and committee roles in SASMM as well as other Scottish organizations, I bring historical perspective as well as a lot of ‘lessons learned’ and connections with other organizations. During the past year we have adapted to challenges while still moving forward. Our events and programs were fun and 2023 is just around the corner with more! I look forward to working together and hearing from you! Let’s have more fun and celebrate being (or wanting to be) Scottish and keeping all things Scottish alive. Bíodh níos mó spraoi againn agus ceiliúradh a dhéanamh ar a bheith (nó ag iarraidh a bheith) Albanach agus gach rud Albanach a choinneáil beo. (courtesy of Google translate)